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Some Others Motion Projects

I've took part in making animated gif, short videos for project like, Skyworld, Sunway, CSR, UDA, Huayang Berhad, Gleneagles Kuala Lumpur and Balmedy... Most of the video I made is for Facebook organic and advertisement posting. Due to limited time and deadlines, some of the video graphical asset are from my colleagues. I will only animate the video. However, I will still create the artworks for Huayang, Utamara and Balmedy with the guidance from my senior.

Edgewood from Skyworld

Sunway Jernih

UDA Property

Utamara Boutique Residences

Hua Yang Berhad

Hua Yang Berhad is a real estate developer. I handle all the Facebook social media posting for Hua Yang Berhad. My objective for the social media content more towards hard-sell, info oriented and eyes catching.

Sunway Penang Property

Same as Hua Yang Berhad, the animated artworks are more straightforward. This is because people tend to lost interest if the video is too long and too much information.