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The Slashie's Pop Up Market 1.0 - 2.0

Project details


This project is about artisan event organised by The Rows Market. The event concept is the slashie, who gains income from more than one occupation. Few characters are created just for this event. In this project, event poster, bunting, banner and other adapations need to be done. 

Client: The Rows Market

Designer: Yoong Fui Cheng

Sketches for main poster

As the concept is about slashie, multitasking has to be portrayed in the artwork. The first draft is about "splitting body" just to multitask, and the second one shows 1 person is many things at once. Client liked the second one more as he thinks that it portrays multitasking more. Also handing more than 1 jobs are more obvious presented by the second draft.

Art Timelapse

Artworks are drawn in Procreate. Typography and alignment are done in Adobe Illustrator.

Character Design

1st Event visual


2nd Event visual

2nd event was held after 1 week of the first event. Client decided to do adaptation from the first poster. Thus, the main character switched from girl to boy.

Actual Photos

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